Galleria Mall, Store 433a, Top Level (Next to Footlocker) White Plains, NY, 10601

Tel: 413 459 9965

Email: whiteplainsislamiccenter@gmail.com


Important Announcement

White Plains Islamic Center will reopen for Jumma Salah on Friday July 17 2020

The guidelines are set out below.

  • Masks are required at all times. Gloves are recommended

  • Capacity limit is 45 people

  • Khutbha at 1:30 Salah at 1:40

  • Masjid doors open at 1:20

  • Bring your own prayer rug

  • Wudu and Bathrooms are CLOSED

  • If you have a fever or are in a high risk group, we suggest you stay at home.

  • Khutbha will be broadcast on our Facebook page. However, you can read 4 Rakaats Zhur thereafter

White Plains Islamic Center is located in the Galleria Mall in White Plains. We have daily prayers during the mall hours. The center is open daily for Dhur, Asr and Magrib. We are open for Isha when the time falls before 9pm. We are situated on the top level in store 433 next to footlocker. Metered parking is available in the mall.

Jumma salah is performed every Friday:

  •     Khuthbha/Lecture - 1:10pm

  •     Iqama - 1:35pm

During Ramadan we have special permission to be in the mall after closing and this facilitates us to have Isha as well as Taraweeh. We had our first Ramadan in 2018. Iftar is served daily.

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Upcoming Events

  • Thu, Apr 24
    White Plains Islamic Center
    Apr 24, 2025, 10:00 AM – May 24, 2025, 2:00 PM
    White Plains Islamic Center, 100 Main Street, White Plains, NY, 10601
    Ramadan will be starting in April 2020
  • Friday Khuthbha/Lecture 1:10 - Iqama 1:35
    White Plains Islamic Center
    Friday Khuthbha/Lecture 1:10 - Iqama 1:35
    White Plains Islamic Center, 100 Main Street, White Plains, NY, USA
    We perform Jumma Salah every Friday Azaan - 1pm Khuthba - 1:10pm Jamaat - 1:35pm

Islamic School

We have a basic Islamic School for all ages. It is run independently by Sr Bibi Khan. Her contact details are 929-231-5404. Please contact her to discuss what she can offer. All fees in respect of the school are due directly to her.


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100 Main St, Store 433A, (Top floor - Next to footlocker) White Plains, NY 10601, USA

(413) 459-9965

(413) 459-9965

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