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Iftaar Dinners at WPIC

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Iftaar dinner will be held every night at WPIC in Ramadaan 1443 AH (April 2022 AD). We hope to enjoy these meals with your company.

You Pay; Masjid Arranges Food

  1. Register as a Host on the iftaar calendar.

  2. WPIC will arrange for everything on your behalf.

  3. You are encouraged to setup, serve, and clean-up.

  4. Our recommended donation is $800. You may donate any amount. May Allaah ﷻ accept your contribution and bless you with more.

You Provide Your Time

  1. Register for one or more Setup/Clean-Up slots on the iftaar calendar.

  2. Work to-be-done:

    1. Before sunset: Help set up tables, chairs, and food before sunset.

    2. After sunset: Help serve food, cleaning the facility, and packaging leftover food.

    3. After dinner before taraaweeh, if you have a Driver's License, help deliver leftover food to Open Arms Shelter and Social Services.

  3. WPIC can compensate with money and volunteer hours for school.

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